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Our History
Beginning in 1965 Old Fashion Days has been a yearly tradition in downtown Greenup, Kentucky.  For three days the town is blocked off and the fun, family atmosphere begins.  ​Vendors setup as much food as you can imagine, and local bands play in the evenings. Throughout the three days, various events draw large crowds to fellowship with each other see old friends, let the kids have fun in a safe area, and even participate in things such as the talent show, baby pageant, costume contest and much more.  


Town History

Greenup was laid out from 1803–1804 by Robert Johnson, a pioneer and legislator who owned the land. Upon the formation of Greenup County out of land separated from Mason, Johnson's settlement was chosen to be the seat of government and adopted the name Greenupsburg. The state assembly formally established the town on February 4, 1818, and incorporated the city thirty years later on February 29, 1848. The name was shortened to Greenup on March 13, 1872, partially to avoid confusion with Greensburg. The Ohio River Flood of 1937 brought devastation to Greenup

Residents Memorial Tribute

Old Fashion Days each year will recognize members of the community that have passed on. Though they are gone, they are not forgotten, and we appreciate the services these men and women have provided to the community.  

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